Benefits – Police Officer

  • Starting salary for a newly appointed police officer is very competitive with other nearby full-time police departments;
  • Top patrol officer salary is reached after four (4) complete years of service*;
  • Initial uniform outfitting provided at no cost (bi-annual uniform allowance supplied after that)*;
  • Paid sick leave after completion of the probationary period*;
  • Paid vacation time after completion of the probationary period*;
  • Thirteen (13) paid holiday days*;
  • Paid military leave granted for members who are still active reservists in the US Armed Forces*;
  • Ability to earn additional pay (extra-duty details and court appearances) and accrue compensatory time*;
  • All patrol officers work the same rotating schedule, allowing for periodic long weekends off;
  • Healthcare, vision and dental plans offered*;
  • Promotional opportunities and specialty assignments available (e.g., Sergeant, Lieutenant, Detective, Canine handler, etc.);
  • Ability to earn a full pension after twenty-five (25) years of service at fifty (50) years of age*;
  • Membership in the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 91 (upon completion of the probationary period);
  • May join the Penn Hills Municipal Federal Credit Union (offering excellent loan rates);
  • May participate in an optional deferred compensation (457) retirement plan through ICMA-RC [similar to a 401(K) plan]; and
  • Many other incentives offered in the police officers’ collective bargaining agreement


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* Details are subject to the terms of the current police officers’ collective bargaining agreement, which expires December 31, 2022