Below you will find information on recent activity involving the Penn Hills Police Department, as well as information on current events happening around the municipality that our department may be involved with.  This is not a list outlining all police calls for service and incident descriptions, though, at times, we may deem it necessary to post information or photos seeking tips on unsolved crimes or missing persons.

Now Accepting Applications for Police Officer Positions!

The Municipality of Penn Hills is now accepting applications to participate in an upcoming selection process for the position of Police Officer within the Penn Hills Police Department.  We are currently looking to establish a new civil service eligibility list to hire from.  Please click the link below for additional information. 

2022 Police Officer Flyer


On behalf of the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office, we want to warn residents about several scams involving the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Unfortunately, during a time uncertainty and worry, some seek to capitalize on others’ misfortunes.  

Two scams circulating in our area involve robocalls and the expected stimulus checks from the federal government.  For detailed information on both scams and how to avoid falling victim to them, click here to read the full document from the district attorney’s office.

As always, if you suspect that you may be the target of a potential scam, call 9-1-1 and request to speak with a police officer before following any requests made by the scammer.    

Stay at Home. What does it mean for you?

Please read the “Stay at Home Order” issued by Governor Wolf and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Full details of the order are viewable at  The order took effect at 8:00 PM on March 23, 2020 and will now last until April 30, 2020.  The order affects all residents of Pennsylvania.

We ask that residents be mindful of the “Stay at Home Order,” and understand that this is an unprecedented situation we are all experiencing right now.  Those who are most at risk (the elderly and persons with underlying health conditions) from the COVID-19 virus may, and more than likely, comprise our own family members, friends, and neighbors.  It is important to follow the CDC guidelines that help prevent the spread and transmission of the COVID-19 virus, including frequent hand washing and maintaining social distancing practices, which consist of keeping a distance of at least six feet from others in public settings.

If you have questions about the “Stay at Home Order,” COVID-19 symptoms and local statistics, or anything related to the current local emergency, please contact the Penn Hills Emergency Operations Center by calling (412) 342-1199.  The center operates around the clock.

If you can afford to, please consider the many local takeout food options available here in Penn Hills.  Our restaurants are counting on your patronage right now more than ever.

Penn Hills police officers will continue to provide all essential policing services to residents and visitors of the municipality.  Despite some rumors circulating, we are not conducting random traffic stops to determine compliance with the “Stay at Home Order.”  Regardless of which walk of life you hail from, we are all in this together, and we look forward to working with our fellow citizens to overcome this world crisis and resume our normal lives as soon as possible.  Thank you and be safe!

RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT! Lieutenant Anthony Diulus

Today, Lieutenant Anthony Diulus finishes his career with the Penn Hills Police Department, having served the community for the last 28 years.  We would like to take a moment to recognize Lieutenant Diulus for his many years of service with our agency.

Anthony Diulus was hired on February 17, 1992 and began his career in Penn Hills as a patrol officer, having previously served as a police officer with the City of Pittsburgh Housing Authority Police Department.  Anthony worked as a patrol officer for many years before being appointed to the position of Detective.  He served as a detective in the General Investigations unit for several years, investigating many important cases in that role.

Following a successful career in the investigations division, Anthony was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2013 and returned to the Uniform Patrol Division to supervise officers in the field.  In 2015, he was promoted again to the rank of Lieutenant, where he assumed command of patrol operations.  Lieutenant Diulus has remained in charge of the entire patrol division for the last five years, serving in a vital role that helps ensure the effective delivery of police services to the community.    

Tony, from all of us at the PHPD, we wish you the very best in your retirement.  Your many years of service protecting and serving the residents and visitors of Penn Hills has not gone unnoticed, and we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for your hard work for nearly three decades.    


Today, Sergeant Joseph Blaze will finish out his career with the Penn Hills Police Department, having given 28 years of service to our community.  We would like to take a moment to recognize and reflect on Sergeant Blaze’s many years of dedication to our agency.

Joseph Blaze was hired on February 14, 1992 and started his journey in Penn Hills as a patrol officer.  He worked in that capacity until being appointed to the position of Detective.  He served as a detective in the General Investigations unit for many years, investigating important cases that affected the lives of countless residents.

Following a successful career in the investigations division, Joseph was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and returned to the Uniform Patrol Division, where he began his career.  He has spent the last five years supervising and mentoring patrol officers in the field.  

Joe, from all of us at the PHPD, we wish you the very best in your retirement, extending our sincere gratitude for the distinguished years of service you devoted to protecting and serving the residents and visitors of Penn Hills.  Thank you for a job well done!    

Tips for Cops 2020

The Penn Hills Police Department is hosting its fourth annual Tips for Cops fundraiser at Mohan’s Bar & Restaurant on Tuesday, February 18, 2020.  The event will benefit local community food banks.  Off-duty police officers will serve as waiters and waitresses.  The event will start at 5:00 PM and last until 9:00 PM. 

All of the tips earned by the officers are donated to the food banks.  Also, 10% of all food sales during the event, money raised by Chinese auctions, and half of the money received from 50/50 raffles will also be donated.

We encourage you to come out and and join us for an evening of fun, as we serve you… a different kind of way!


PS – If you own a local business and are interested in supporting this event, we are accepting donations that can be used for the Chinese auction.  Items may include gift cards and gift baskets.  Your company name will appear on the donated items.  To donate an item, please contact Officer Lindsey Bigger by email at

A Decade Passed. A Legacy Living Strong.


Sunday, December 6, 2009.  What began as a quiet day in Penn Hills suddenly became everyone’s worst nightmare and would forever alter the lives of many.  

For a group of Penn Hills police officers, the image of a friend and colleague slain in his police car will never disappear.  Phone calls to those not working, reporting the unthinkable, became a reality.  For most police officers, it’s something you only hear about.  All police officers understand the dangers of the profession, but most believe they won’t make the ultimate sacrifice – that the tragedy won’t strike so close to home.  Unfortunately, it did.

For two loving parents, a brother, many close friends and extended family members, it was news nobody could dream of receiving.  The kind that makes your heart sink into the pit of your stomach, after being torn apart.  A son that would not be returning home.  A brother that would no longer share work stories with his sibling, both of whom chose the same calling.  A great friend never again there to watch the game, attend a concert, or just share a drink with at the end of a long week.

For a community, it was an act of violence shattering a sense of decency existing within many American towns.  It left many angered and sad.  Citizens offered their condolences and support to officers they didn’t necessarily know, left piles of flowers in a quiet police department lobby, and messages of hope and comfort adorned roadside signs throughout Penn Hills.

Ten years ago, Michael Crawshaw’s life was cut short while doing something that meant so much to him, being a police officer and proudly serving others with honor and integrity.  Today, his legacy lives on.  

Although a decade has passed since that fateful day, the heartache and grieving reminds us of what a special person Officer Crawshaw was, and the effect he had on those who knew him, and even those who didn’t.   

Michael, we will never forget the decision you made to respond, without hesitation, toward looming danger, knowing you would likely arrive before your back-up did.  It’s a true sign of courage and bravery – both qualities defining heroism.  On that day, we will forever remember you as a hero.  That can never be taken away.    

Penn Hills Partners With Savvy Citizen™

Recently, the Municipality of Penn Hills partnered with Savvy Citizen™, a Pittsburgh-based notification program that allows localities to send out important messages to their communities.  Citizens can participate for free to receive these messages. 

A free mobile app can be downloaded by visiting Google Play (Android users) or the App Store (IOS users).   You can register for your free Savvy Citizen™ account by using the mobile app, or through the company’s online registration page.    

Upon registering for an account, select which communities you would like to receive notifications from.  When information is posted, you will receive the notification immediately.  

School Bus Safety

We want to take a moment to remind motorists of the laws concerning school buses.  Now that the school year is beginning, it is imperative that drivers pay attention to stopped school buses picking up and dropping off students.

Passing a stopped school bus with its red signals activated and stop sign extended may result in a $250.00 fine, five (5) demerit points added to your driving record, a sixty (60) day driver’s suspension, and increased insurance premiums when your policy renews.

Also, the police need not be present to witness the violation.  The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code permits school bus drivers to forward written reports of violations to police, allowing officers to issue citations to violators.

Fundraiser Thank You!

We wanted to take a moment and thank everyone that attended last week’s canine fundraising event at McDonald’s.  The event was very successful, and that directly results from the support we received from the community.  A special thanks to McDonald’s franchisee Roy Draper, for sponsoring this event and donating proceeds from his restaurant’s sales to assist with the purchase of a new police service dog. 


In Memoriam

In Memoriam

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